News 24 | “Trade” unveils a new organization of shopping from “hypermarket”


ExpressiveThe spokesman of the Ministry of Commerce, Abd al-Rahman al-Hussein, explained that there are new market regulations to ensure the implementation of precautionary measures to counter the emerging Corona virus as a benefit 19.

He said that the new regulation stipulates that each “hypermarket” is entered only by a specified number of shoppers to ensure full health precautions according to the area allocated to each store, starting from 25 people and increasing according to the area recommended by the Ministry of Health.

He added that the pictures that are being circulated to rows in front of the stores are a new organization and not a stampede, pointing out that the ministry works in coordination with the Ministry of Municipal and Rural Affairs that the distance between the recommended shoppers be from 1.5 m to 2 m in order to ensure the highest levels of reliability.


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