News 24 | The student in the video, “Going to school despite the suspension of study” explains the circumstances


BabyThe student, who appeared in a video clip circulating while going to his school in a boy, commented on the fact that he went to school despite the decision to suspend the study due to “the new corona”.

The student, Youssef Al-Jeaid, a Yemeni resident in the village of Al-Asha, west of Sabya governorate, said that he used to sleep early and go to school on foot every day.

He added that on that day he went out to his school as usual and was not aware of the suspension of the study, indicating according to the newspaper “Okaz” that his father, too, had not heard of the suspension of the study because his phone was not connected to the Internet.

Activists had traded last Monday A video clip showing “Al-Juaid” on his way to school in the morningAnd the cameraman of the clip tried to make sure the student knew that the study had been suspended, but the latter seemed to ignore him and continued his path steadily.


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