News 24 | “The Public Prosecutor” directs the application of the maximum precautions from “Corona” in prisons and detention facilities


Sheikh Saud admirerPublic Prosecutor Sheikh Saud directed admirers to implement the highest precautions and preventive measures against the “new Corona” virus inside prisons, detention houses and correctional facilities.

In directing the prisons and detention centers, the Public Prosecutor stressed the need to emphasize the competent authorities in those facilities to apply the most effective methods of protection and health standards, especially at times of visit, or if inmates are moved out of prisons and detention houses.

He stressed the need to work with specialists to increase awareness of the ways to deal with the “new Corona virus” and ways of immunization and prevention, in order to enhance the procedures related to the health and safety of the prisoner and the arrested, and increase reassurance towards them.

He also instructed to ensure periodic inspection of prisoners and detainees and to ensure their safety, in addition to making them aware of ways to avoid infection with this virus.


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