News 24 | The Minister of Islamic Affairs directs to provide hand sanitizers in mosques and mosques


Minister of Islamic Affairs, Call and GuidanceThe Minister of Islamic Affairs, Da`wah and Guidance, Dr. Abd al-Latif Al-Sheikh directed directors of the ministry’s branches in various regions of the Kingdom to emphasize the operators of maintenance of mosques and mosques and their cleanliness by providing hand sanitizers and periodic sterilization of carpets.

And “Islamic Affairs” stated that this directive comes from the Ministry’s keenness on the safety of people who go to the homes of God, and to reinforce the preventive and precautionary measures taken by the competent authorities in this country, towards the new Corona virus (Covid 19).

The Minister of Islamic Affairs, Dr. Abdullatif Al-Sheikh, had directed the suspension of the fingerprint system for employees in the ministry, as part of efforts to combat the “Corona” emerging, and also directed the dedication of a sermon on Friday to talk about the legal directives towards dealing with infectious diseases, including “Corona”.


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