News 24 | The goal of “depositing 483 million riyals in the accounts of Hafiz beneficiaries for the month of February


ExpressiveToday, Thursday (Thursday), the Human Resources Development Fund “Hadaf” deposited more than 483 million riyals in the bank accounts of more than 320,000 beneficiaries and registered beneficiaries of the job seekers benefit program for the month of February 2020.

“Goal” revealed that the number of beneficiaries of the incentive to search for work amounted to 169.1 thousand beneficiaries, while the number of beneficiaries of the incentive program was difficult to obtain work 150.9 thousand beneficiaries, indicating that the number of those who joined the labor market in the private sector from the beneficiaries of the two programs for the month of November, amounted to about 5.4 thousand, of whom about 3 thousand are females and about 2.3 thousand are males.

Hadaf offers rehabilitation and training support programs to beneficiaries, with the aim of developing their skills and capabilities, to enable them to join the labor market and participate in development paths.

HADAF launched incentive programs for Emiratization as well as holding job meetings in cooperation with the private sector in all regions of the Kingdom, in order to support the employment of national forces according to productive, stimulating and stable work environments.



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