News 24 | The former Al-Ahly star criticizes the players nightlife


Mohammed Al-SwailemMuhammad Al-Suwailem, the former star of Al-Ahly’s Jeddah, admitted that some Saudi players are attracted to staying up late, praising the preventive measures to curb the spread of the Corona virus.

Al-Swailem said in statements to Sports Channel 24, “Some players love to stay up late and smoke first-class, this is a fact.”

“When dealing with these people, a special training program must be established for them and a sufficient period of time to produce the best of them.”

He continued, “The players in Saudi Arabia are divided into two parts, talented you give him physical doses and make you the difference, and the other is made with him and the physical factor is an important element and is reflected on the field, and if I miss him it will have a negative impact on the team.”

He noted, “There is a great role for the Ministry of Information in educating society about the difference between influenza and the Corona virus, and ways to prevent the epidemic.”

“The citizen is the first man of security, our trust in God is great, and precautionary measures are a beautiful thing that prides itself on pride,” he concluded.


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