News 24 | SPEAKER SPEAKER: Studies of the use of malaria treatment for people with corona are limited … and these cases we may use with it


pictureThe Ministry of Health spokesperson, Dr. Muhammad Al-Abdali, commented on the issue of using malaria and other antimicrobials, that everything published on that is based on limited studies.

He explained that in order to say that a treatment is 100% successful, it may take 50 years, and studies about these treatments are limited but they are promising, and they relate to critical cases, and these cases are the ones that are used with such treatments according to the approved protocols and health practices.

He added that the drug already exists and its protocols are in place and updated with the Ministry of Health to use these and other medicines that have proven to have positive effects worldwide.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Health announced today (Saturday) that it recorded 48 new cases of Coronavirus, including 5 health and administrative practitioners, bringing the total cases in the Kingdom to 392 cases.


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