News 24 | Kat backs down … and agrees with the union


picture The management of the Al-Ittihad club agreed with the Dutchman Tin Cat, the coach of its first football team, the article, in February, on the way to hand over his late dues, as explained to “Sports” private sources.

The same sources indicated that Ten Cat cooperated with the management of the Western Club in agreement with it to hand over two late wages, and retracted his previous request to obtain the full penalty clause, which represents the value of the three-month salary.

According to the sources, the Dutch dues will not hinder the federal administration from paying it at the time agreed between the two parties, and matters will not reach “FIFA”.

It is noteworthy that the management of Al-Ittihad club signed with Tin Cat last November, succeeding Luis Sierra, the Chilean coach, and then he was dismissed in February, after the poor levels he presented with the team, in addition to the bad relationship with the players.


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