News 24 | Including outlets selling coffee, tea, meat and luxuries .. “Al-Rajhi” issues a decision to localize 9 activities


Ahmed Al-RajhiThe Minister of Human Resources and Social Development, Eng. Ahmed Al-Rajhi, issued a ministerial decision to localize the retail and wholesale outlets in 9 economic activities with a rate of 70% as of 01/01/1442 AH; 20/8/2020 AD.

The decision includes the localization of activities selling coffee, tea, honey, sugar and spices, water and beverages, fruits, vegetables and dates, selling grains, seeds, flowers, plants and agricultural materials, selling books, stationery and student services, in addition to gift and luxury stores, works and handicrafts and antiques, selling toys and children’s toys, Selling meat, fish, eggs, dairy, vegetable oil, detergent, plastic and soap.

The Ministry clarified that with regard to exceptions and details of activities, reference is made to the guideline on the localization of sales outlets announced on the Ministry’s website.

She emphasized that the decision comes to raise the level of citizen participation in the labor market and create more job opportunities in the various regions of the Kingdom, stressing that it will take all necessary measures to ensure the establishments’ commitment to implementing this decision, and not to violate its terms.


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