News 24 | “Health” announces the registration of 3 new cases of the “new Corona” virus


Ministry of HealthToday, Thursday, the Ministry of Health announced the registration of three new cases of the new coronavirus “Covid 19” in the Kingdom, bringing the number to 5 cases, all of which were the source of infection from Iran.

The ministry said that the first case of a citizen coming from Iran through Kuwait and the transmission of infection to his wife, and the other case of a citizen coming from Iran in the same vehicle with the two cases previously announced.

The Ministry stated that laboratory results confirmed the infection of the couple with the virus, indicating that when the husband came to the Kingdom, he did not disclose at the executor his presence in Iran, and transmit the infection to his wife.

She explained that the laboratory results revealed the positive of another sample of a citizen coming from Iran via Bahrain and was accompanying in the same vehicle for the first and second cases previously announced.

The Ministry confirmed that the cases were isolated in the hospital, dealing with them and providing health services in accordance with the approved health procedures, pointing out that all contacts of the injured were taken, and samples were taken from them for examination by the National Center for Disease Prevention and Control, and all results will be announced immediately after the examination is completed. .

She stressed the need for everyone who was in areas affected by the virus to communicate it through the “Health 937” center, in order to preserve their safety and that of their families and those around them from transmission, noting that the early disclosure of contact with contributors contributes to containing the spread of the virus.


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