News 24 | “General Security” clarifies the cases during which a citizen or resident can exit at the time of the curfew


pictureThe spokesperson for the General Security, Brigadier Sami Al-Shwerikh, revealed the exceptional cases in which the citizen or resident is allowed to leave at the time of the curfew.

Al-Shwerikh said, in a video posted by Al-Ikhbaria TV, that exit is permitted at the time of curfew for those who have a first-degree relative death or an emergency that cannot be postponed.

He explained that they are allowed to leave after the case owner sends the papers proving the emergency at [email protected] or call 999 or 911.

It is noteworthy that the Ministry of Interior announced a fine of 10 thousand riyals for those who violate the curfew order, and it doubles in the event of repetition.


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