News 24 | “Enjoining the Good” launches a campaign “and your home can accommodate you” to explain the legal obligation to stay at home


Promotion of virtueThe Commission for the Promotion of Virtue and Prevention of Vice launched an awareness campaign titled “Let Your Home Be Taken” that aims to urge citizens and residents to stay in their homes and not go out unless necessary, in response to the directions of the health authorities, to limit the spread of the Corona virus.

The head of the authority, Sheikh Dr. Abdul-Rahman Al-Sanad, said that the campaign comes as a contribution from the authority in this legal and national duty, during which the legal duty will be indicated in the necessity of taking preventive measures to preserve oneself as one of the five most important necessities that Sharia urged to preserve.

His Excellency pointed out that Islamic law came to collect and complement interests, and to ward off and reduce spoilers, and therefore it is necessary to cooperate with the competent authorities in this, and it is cooperation on righteousness and piety, pointing out that violating these directives will lead the person and his society to perish.


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