News 24 | Eastern Health Department: allocating a hotel in Dammam to isolate arrivals from affected countries (video)


Dr. Ibrahim Al-AreifiThe Director General of Health Affairs in the Eastern Province, Dr. Ibrahim Al-Arifi, revealed the allocation of a hotel to accommodate the arrivals from the affected countries.

He explained that the hotel located in the city of Dammam is used to isolate those coming from these countries, as part of the precautions taken by the Ministry of Health to prevent the spread of the virus.

Al-Areifi said – in statements to “Al-Youm” newspaper – that all isolated people in the hotel are taken samples of them and sent to the laboratories to know their condition.

The director of health affairs in the eastern region pointed out that the isolated people are working on caring for them, a specialized medical staff consisting of more than 70 people.

He added that the main isolation centers in the eastern region are the Dammam Medical Complex and the Qatif Central Hospital, with the readiness of all government and private hospitals in the region in case there is a need to transfer patients and isolate them there.


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