News 24 | De Souza: I moved Grohe to the union


Joseph de SouzaBrazilian Joseph De Souza, the Al-Ahly football player, admitted that he helped his compatriot Marcelo Grohe, the Federation goalkeeper, move to the latter, from Gremio, last year, and said, “Although Al-Ahly is considered an opponent of Al-Ittihad, this did not affect In the friendship between us because we coalesced in our country before we separated in Saudi Arabia, we communicate as families always because we are in the city itself, and because we played together in Gremio, once he arrived, he gave him a lot of help. “

On the difference in time zones compared to Brazil, he said, “The difference of six hours complicates the routine when we want to follow a match in South America,” noting that the Copa Libertadores matches require them to wake up at dawn to follow them. He said, “We try to sleep early to wake up and watch.”

“Since seven foreigners are allowed to play in clubs here, the latter is full of Brazilians, some of whom are known internationally,” he said, noting that he is also talking with fellow countryman Juliano, the victory player, and he said, “We played together at Fenerbahce Club, before coming here, we meet From time to time, whether in matches or airports, we always try to exchange experiences, which is a good thing.

He promised his adaptation to Al-Ahly, preventing his return to the Brazilian league, indicating that if he decided to return, he would go to one of three Vasco dejama clubs, then Sao Paulo, and Gremio, because he played for her in advance.

He praised the former Portuguese coach, Georgie Jesus, and the current Flamengo, and said, “He has a great ability to extract the best from the players, he just needs them to have a lot of personality because his technical methods are different.”


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