News 24 | An official at the King Fahd Center for Medical Research: We arrived at a prototype of a vaccine treated for Corona (video)


Dr. Anwar HashemThe head of the vaccines unit at King Fahd Center for Medical Research in Jeddah, Dr. Anwar Hashem, said that the center was able to reach a prototype for the vaccine that is being treated for the new Corona virus and started working on it a week ago.

Hashem said in his meeting with the “Yahala” program on the “Gulf Rotana” channel, that they were able to prepare a sufficient amount of the prototype of the vaccine for animal experiments, and they started these experiments, which could take about two months to ensure the effectiveness of this vaccine.

He added that after the success of animal experiments, it is assumed that starting to manufacture the vaccine, but there are no factories in the Kingdom to produce such vaccines, indicating that there is permanent communication with other research centers in the Kingdom to reach a vaccine treated for this virus.


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