News 24 | Al-Khunaizi: Nassim Habtoor lives in good standing with a wealthy family and carries a national identity


 Ali Al-KhunaiziAli Al-Khunaizi, the father of the young Musa returning to his family after 20 years of kidnapping, revealed that he had received a phone call that included details about the kidnapped young man, Naseem Habtoor.

In an intervention with the “Yahala” program, Al-Khunaizi explained that the information received from relatives, neighbors and friends of those who house Naseem indicates that Naseem is educated, unlike his kidnapped peers, and he lives well with a wealthy family in the eastern region, and he has a national identity.

He added that, according to the information, he now knows the location of Naseem and the neighborhood in which the family lives, but rather knows the house specifically, and has received details about his life since the beginning of the kidnapping, pointing out that he cannot disclose now, and is working to ensure more to inform the security authorities.

Al-Khunaizi’s father had announced a reward of one million riyals for those who contribute or provide information that helps reach the kidnapped Naseem Al Habtoor, and the lawyer Naseem Habtoor announced that he would give the incubator 7 days to return him to his family or seek legal redress.


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