News 24 | Al-Khathalan responds to inquiries related to Friday prayers in the current circumstances


Dr. Saad Al-KhathlanThe professor at the College of Sharia at Imam Muhammad bin Saud University, Dr. Saad Al-Khathlan, said that it is not permissible to perform Friday prayers at home under the current circumstances because it is closer to heresy, but rather a person may perform it at 4 o’clock with his family at his home, and to listen to the sermons of the two holy mosques The two honorable.

Sheikh Al-Khathlan explained through his account on “Twitter” that the call to prayer is prescribed if the sun falls on Friday for the mosques where Friday was held, and the call to prayer is not made for the mosques during the times when Friday is not held.

He added that washing and washing and the like are prescribed for whoever prays Friday prayer, but for those who pray it at noon, these matters are not covered by his right, but rather they are permissible.


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