News 24 | “Al-Adl” launches the first phase of the real estate emptying service “electronically” and clarifies the mechanism and conditions


Ministry of JusticeThe Minister of Justice, Sheikh Walid Al-Samani, instructed to launch the first phase of the real estate transfer service electronically, by activating the sale and purchase of real estate that does not exceed 2500 square meters, electronically, through a portal[[]Done.

The ministry said that the transfer of ownership of the property electronically will be through an intermediary bank account that handles the delivery and receipt of the sales amount, provided that the sale is direct “between the seller and the buyer without agents”, and that the two parties are Saudi, and they have an account activated in “Absher”, that the process be completed Within 24 hours after the order is created and accepted by the buyer.

And indicated that this service will be available in the beginning for real estate owners who have an account in the National Commercial Bank, provided that the service will be expanded during the coming days to include customers with other local banks.

She added that an intermediate bank account will be created for each real estate transfer process, so that the amount of the sale is received from the buyer, through his transfer to the account, and when the amount is complete, the system transfers the amount to the owner, then the ownership of the property is transferred instantly to the buyer so that the process can be done in an integrated electronic manner without Human intervention.


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