News 24 | A spokesman for “Banks” explains why the initiative to postpone the installments did not include workers in other sectors (video)


Talaat HafezA spokesman for Saudi banks, Talaat Hafez, explained the reason that the 3-month postponement of the installment initiative did not include workers in all sectors, and limited them only to workers in the health sector.

Hafez said during an intervention with the “Tamm” program on “SBC” channel, that the health sector workers are the most facing the Corona virus, and the risk to them is much higher than others, so the initiative is very important and due to this sector and not out of grace.

He added that banks are commercial institutions and aim for profit, and they are owned by shareholders, shareholders, general assemblies and others, and their boards of directors are not free to agree to postpone loans of all sectors or donate except within the declared limits.


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