New York imposes a home quarantine on 2733 people


Authorities in New York City imposed domestic quarantine on about 2733 people, who were connected or frequenting the places where an infected lawyer with the “Covid-19” virus went without traveling to any endemic country.

This step comes as a precautionary measure initiated by the city authorities after the virus has proven its ability to spread rapidly.

New York Governor Andrew Como confirmed in press statements that the city’s health authorities are resorting to the examination of people close to the infected cases, while the investigation process is still ongoing about the infected man and follow his paths, calling on citizens to go for examination in order to isolate those who show positive results to reduce the spread of the virus He warned, “It has become impossible to avoid an outbreak of the virus in the city.

In a related context, transportation authorities in New York City began, starting this week, to clean subway stations and some major service facilities to reduce the spread of the new Corona virus … at a time when New York recorded 22 confirmed cases of the virus until yesterday, while the number of deaths due to “corona” increased In the United States to 12 cases.



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