New York Governor: The toughest Corona battle has not begun


07:59 PM

Tuesday, March 31, 2020

Washington – (ASA)

New York Governor Andrew Como said on Tuesday that the real “battle” against the state’s outbreaking Corona Virus has not yet begun, but he spoke of what he described as good news regarding the number of people recovering from the disease.

Como said – as quoted by the American “Al Hurra” channel today – that the number of people who have been infected with the Corona virus in New York has increased by more than 9,000 from the previous day, to 75,795 people, with deaths increasing by 27 percent to 1,550 deaths.

“The virus is stronger and more dangerous than we expected … We are still climbing the mountain, the main battle on top of the mountain,” Como said.

The Governor of New York pointed out that “the main battle has not yet been fought, and it will come when the Corona outbreak reaches its climax, that is 14 days to 30 days from now.”

And Como revealed “good news”, that 4,900 people were discharged from New York hospitals.

“The crisis we are experiencing is different from natural disasters because it is ongoing and we do not know when it will end,” said the New York governor.

New York hospitals are experiencing a severe shortage of artificial respirators, at a time when the state is witnessing the largest number of deaths and people infected with the emerging coronavirus nationwide.

New York has recorded 1228 deaths from the virus so far, along with more than 66 thousand infections, and news indicated that the number of deaths from the Corona virus in the United States increased to 3,393 cases.


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