New service from “Facebook”, “Instagram”, “Disney +” … and the reason is “Corona”


Global press reports revealed that Facebook, Instagram and “Disney +” are providing a new service for those who were forced by the new Corona virus outbreak to stay in their homes.

And the specialized technical website “GSM Arena” published a report, in which it said that Facebook, Instagram and Disney +, have started introducing new versions of their applications that do not need large Internet speeds, so that the Internet infrastructure in these countries is not damaged.

And companies will start experimenting with these new releases on the continent of Europe, especially after the European Union called on the providers of video display services to reduce the bandwidth to reduce the Internet usage in these countries.

The decision of Facebook, Instagram and Disney + comes after a previous decision by Netflix and YouTube to reduce the quality of streaming videos. Disney has also decided to delay the launch of its new service in France, at the request of the French government, for fear of the collapse of the Internet architecture in it, while the service will be launched on time in Ireland, Germany, Austria, Italy, Spain, Switzerland and Britain, but with lower video display quality.


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