New screen and cameras … leak specifications for the iPhone 2020


Recent reports revealed that the company “Apple” plans to launch a distinctive iPhone 2020 measuring 6.7 inches screen this year, while the device will carry, according to recent leaks, a very advanced back camera.

And move Location Ontechedge, on the famous information analyst Ming Zhi Kuo, owner of reliable leaks related to Apple products, the device’s rear camera comes with many improvements, including larger sensors that capture more light for better image quality as well as switching to the mechanical image stabilization system .

He added that the iPhone, measuring 6.7 inches, will also contain a mechanical image stabilization system to compensate for hand shake, and the larger sensor size helps reduce image noise.

And those leaks, if they became true, would be one of the most important changes I made.Camel“On camera since I added the second lens with the iPhone 7 Plus.

The leaks also indicate that the mechanical image stabilization system can bring the advantage of ultra-wide lens mount on future iPhones, starting with the 6.7-inch model.

Apple uses optical image stabilization, which uses lens movement instead of sensor movement, to compensate for vibration, and the mechanical image stabilization system can lead to better shots with attached lens attachments (OlloClip).

It is rumored that the 6.7-inch iPhone will have the largest screen ever compared to any device Iphone Currently there is, as information shows, it is slightly longer than the iPhone 11 Pro Max.

In another context, a visit to the electronic stores of Apple showed, yesterday, Monday, that the company abandoned the restriction of electronic purchases of iPhones due to an outbreak Corona Virus, Which remained limited to only two devices.

Purchasing listings from online stores in many regions of the United States allow customers to purchase more than 10 devices, but restrictions remain for some iPad and MacBook models in Hong Kong and mainland China.

Earlier this month, Apple said it would close all retail stores outside the mainland of China, Taiwan, Hong Kong and Macau, which would mean the physical transformation of its website.

On March 11, the World Health Organization classified the emerging coronavirus “Covid 19”, A global pandemic, While the number of people infected with the virus exceeded all expectations.


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