New instructions for exams on taking steroids in light of the spread of corona


International Agency released Anti-doping Wada new instructions to facilitate continued doping tests for athletes around the world in light of an outbreak Corona Virus The newcomer worldwide. The agency acknowledged that the outbreak of the “Covid-19” virus, which led to the death of more than 11,000 people, has become a “health emergency and societal level,” and urged local anti-doping agencies to adhere to health authorities’ instructions to ensure adequate protection for athletes and anti-doping personnel, While maintaining the integrity of the anti-doping system, especially with the preparation for the Tokyo 2020 Olympics and the Paralympic Games. ”

Wada’s new instructions included the need for local doping agencies to ensure that individuals who collect samples do not have any symptoms ofCovid-19They should also ask the athletes if they feel any symptoms, or if anyone is present at the sample collection site, among the groups believed to be at risk of developing the emerging coronavirus.

“Wada” stressed that if it is proved that a person who had previously collected a sample has been injured, the athletes who contacted him must be informed, and vice versa, calling for the necessity of sterilizing the workplaces andWear masks Protective gear.

Regarding the places where doping screening programs can not be continued, Wada clarified that she will work with other agencies and sports federations “when the situation begins to return to normal”, to identify the gaps in examinations “especially those related to the Tokyo Games and the Paralympic Games” scheduled in This summer, successively from July 24.

However, “Wada” indicated that anti-doping agencies should obtain information about the whereabouts of athletes in order to facilitate checks. Steroids Out of the context of official competitions, she stressed that athletes should be reminded that they “can be examined anywhere and anytime.”

In light of the closure of many of the laboratories accredited by her for the analysis of samples, “Wada”, which is based in Montreal, asked the local doping agencies to contact them to determine the laboratories that can cooperate with them.

“While there is no intention to change the existing requirements under the global anti-doping program, Wada fully understands the complexities of this unprecedented situation and will ensure that its program to monitor compliance with the doping rules provides a level of flexibility and understanding based on current conditions,” she added.


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