New hope for the world … Japanese company discovers corona treatment


Scientists all over the world continue to intensify their efforts to find a vaccine for the emerging corona virus “Covid 19”, which has become synonymous with terror in everyone’s minds.
And a company in Japan announced that it was close to reaching a cure for the deadly disease that caused the death of more than 3 thousand people and the injury of more than 100,000 people, through the blood of the patients who had recovered.
The drug company, Takeda, based in Japan, said it is currently developing a drug using parts of the immune system of people who have contracted and recovered from the virus. In theory, the treatment works by placing anti-disease proteins from patients who have been cured in people who are still fighting the disease, according to To the British newspaper “Daily Mail”.
According to the Japanese company scientists, the injured person’s body can then use these proteins known as antibodies, as if they had them, instead of having to make them from scratch, and the same treatment method was used in the past to heal Ebola.
The Japanese company called the treatment “plasma-derived therapy” or “TAK-888”, because it depends on the blood plasma of people who have recovered from the Coronavirus, and the plasma is the fluid that carries blood cells, nutrients and hormones through the blood vessels, and makes up about half of all Blood, and they also carry antibodies, which are proteins the body makes to destroy bacteria or viruses when they cause infection.
And in the case that if a person has never been exposed to a virus or bacteria before, they will not have any antibodies, and get sick during the time the body takes to form them, and if the person was injected with the antibodies from someone who was already infected with a virus or bacteria, this saves time and helps The patient to fight the disease faster.
The company stressed that the treatment can only be used at the present time only in a limited manner, and it targets patients with severe disease, and it is not known how quickly the treatment can be developed, but it was hoped that you would not have to conduct prolonged clinical trials before using it in patients.
The first human trials of the Coronavirus vaccine are expected to begin next month, at a university in London and a pharmaceutical company in the United States.
And Chinese hospitals indicated that they are already using the treatment, but only for their patients, as there is no drug produced in large quantities or supplies of it.

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