New health condition of the British Prime Minister infected with Corona


Source: Dubai –

British Foreign Secretary Dominic Rap said that the British Prime Minister, Boris Johnson, He was “full of vitality” Monday morning during a ministerial meeting he chaired remotely, while he was in self-isolation after he was diagnosed with the Coronavirus.

“The prime minister ran the 9:15 am and he was very energetic and gave us the leadership we need, and we are a united government team regarding the country’s overcoming of this crisis,” Rapp added during the government’s daily press briefing.

When the minister was asked about his health, Rapp, who has not reported any symptoms, said he was “at best”.

Rap is slated to take over from Johnson if the prime minister is no longer able to fulfill it.

British Prime Minister Boris Johnson had warned that his country would turn worse for the spread of the epidemic, before the phase of détente began.

The conservative leader, who contracted the virus this week, issued the warning in a leaflet distributed to all homes in Britain to urge residents to help reduce the spread of the virus by following their instructions.

It is noteworthy that Johnson is currently living in isolation due to his infection with Corona, but he previously confirmed that his symptoms are light and he is following efforts to confront the epidemic.

Also among the injured was Minister of Health Matt Hancock, while Minister for Scotland Alistair Jack himself was sacked seven days after he had symptoms similar to those of Covid-19 without being tested.


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