New details on the Corona epidemic, its specificity and source


A report published in the British newspaper “The Guardian” revealed exciting aspects of the new Corona epidemic and its privacy on more than one level. The report pointed out that this epidemic is caused by “one of the coronavirus that was not previously seen before. As with other coronaviruses, its source is animal, and many who were infected either were working in the Wuhan marine products market in the middle of This Chinese city, or are often used to shopping. “

And the newspaper monitored in its report that this new virus “causes pneumonia, cough, fever, and shortness of breath. In severe cases, it causes a failure in the functions of the body’s organs. Since this is viral pneumonia, taking antibiotics is not beneficial, and the available antiviral drugs are ineffective.” , While healing depends on the condition of the human immune system, and many of the deceased were suffering from poor health before infection.

The report recorded that the total number of deaths in more than 80 countries as of March 4 was 3,190 people, while more than 93,000 people were injured.

Regarding the situation in China, it was reported that more than 80,000 cases of infection were recorded, and the number of deaths exceeded three thousand. In South Korea, the country most affected by the outbreak of HIV infection outside China, has reported 5,328 cases. However, more than 44,000 people infected with the new Coronavirus in China have overcome the disease and recovered.

The report considered that the problem in dealing with this epidemic lies in the fact that it is not known yet how dangerous the new Corona virus is “until new data is obtained”, indicating in this context that “the death rate in Hubei Province, the main epidemic center, is about 2” %, Which is lower than that recorded elsewhere. For comparison in the case of seasonal influenza, the death rate is usually less than 1%, and it is believed that 400,000 people die from it worldwide each year. The death rate from severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) SARS exceeded 10%. “

The report emphasized that the next important key point is “not knowing to what extent the Infectious Coronavirus. The main difference between it and the flu is the lack of a vaccine against the new coronavirus, which means that it is more difficult to protect people who are at risk of infection, such as the elderly or people.” People with respiratory or immune system problems. “

The report advises that if one feels unwell and is suspected to be infected, he should continue washing hands and avoid contact with other people, noting that among other reasonable preventive measures, taking the flu vaccine will be considered, and that this “will reduce the burden on medical services, if the disease in the region develops into a pandemic.” Broader. “

“Corona viruses transmitted from animals cause severe acute respiratory syndrome (SARS) and the respiratory syndrome of the Middle East,” the report said.

In 2002, SARS spread to nearly 37 countries, causing panic around the world, affecting more than 8,000 people and killing more than 750 others. It is clear that this disease does not pass easily from one person to another, but it has a higher mortality rate, as among the approximately 2,500 people diagnosed with this syndrome, 35% died. “


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