New additions in the WhatsApp gold application in the latest version


It is worth mentioning that the golden WhatsApp application is one of the most important applications in the field of instant messaging this period, which is an advanced version of the original application of WhatsApp, which is used by many users all over the world, because it contains distinctive features that were not found in Other applications and is interested in adding properties to attract more users.

Update the latest golden WhatsApp application

The Golden WhatsApp application achieved very many successes since its inception, after it spread in the Arab world expanded to include users from all over the world, and the company is keen to make updates continuously in order to develop from it and add various other features according to what its users need, and in this article will We talk about app extensions in its latest update for 2020.

WhatsApp Gold extensions in its latest update

The latest update of WhatsApp Gold contains many features that distinguish it from any other application, the most important of which is that the dark or dark mode and what is called the dark mode have been provided, and also it contains a high percentage of privacy that needs many people, especially celebrities, and can also be sent It has an unlimited number of images as well as an unlimited space for videos, and this update carries 2.19.216.

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