“Never before” .. The first infant died from the Corona virus


Australia announced on Sunday that it will allocate one hundred million Australian dollars (61.6 million dollars) to combat domestic violence, after the competent authorities recorded a rise in violations with the spread of the emerging Crohna virus.

Prime Minister Scott Morrison said that Google’s engines recorded a 75% increase in searches for aid, during the measures to completely shut down non-essential services in this country to contain the Covid-19 epidemic.

The “Women’s Safety” Association to Combat Domestic Violence in New South Wales, the most populous state in the country, noted that more than 40% of workers reported a rise in the number of complainants, with a third of cases linked to the spread of the virus.

In neighboring Victoria state, the Women’s Support Agency, Weiss, said police’s support requests had doubled in the last week as they dealt with a form of abuse “previously unfamiliar.”

“The presence of individuals in the home rather than venting the pressure by going to work or moving freely outside the home is one of the contributing factors to this,” Weiss director Lise Thomas told ABC.

Morrison said the money will be spent to support the hotline service for victims and perpetrators of domestic violence, and added, “We must provide more resources to support people who are in a vulnerable situation or who may become so.”

The government increased funding for mental health services via the Internet, medical consultations over the phone, and emergency food aid as part of the fight against the spread of the virus, which has caused many people to remain in their homes.


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