Nasrallah launches an attack on “allies and friends” because of Al Fakhouri


Nasrallah added: “Hezbollah, my guardian, personally had ample fortune in the aftermath of the case of the agent Amer al-Fakhouri, and some of his friends were angry and hasty and contributed to the campaign.”

Nasrallah’s attack came as a comment on the issue of the release of the Lebanese-American agent, Amer al-Fakhouri, at the hands of the military court headed by Brigadier Hussein Abdullah, who is close to the “Shiite duo” (Amal and Hezbollah), in which he was accused of having made a “prisoner exchange” deal between “Hezbollah”. And Washington begins with the release of Al-Fakhouri, and will be completed shortly after the release of the United States by the Lebanese businessman Qassem Taj Al-Din, the major financier of Hezbollah, according to the US Treasury Department that included him on the “black list” in 2009, and give him the green light to the government in cooperation. In the release of “Butcher Tents”, he confirmed US President Donald Trump in his speech, Thursday, by thanking him and expressing his gratitude to the Lebanese government.

The charges were also brought against his ally, former foreign minister and son-in-law of Lebanese President Gibran Bassil, who was said to have gone through a settlement to save himself from US sanctions.

This scandal has triggered treachery campaigns among the masses of allies, especially the “Free Patriotic Movement” headed by Basil and supporters of “Hezbollah”.

Nasrallah denied any deal behind the release of Al-Fakhouri, and indicated in his television speech this evening, that strong American pressure was exposed to state officials, and “I discussed with us more than one party responsible for the threats of the Americans, and I quietly asked about our opinion if there was a way out of the file.” And we clearly said that this issue is humanitarian, sovereign, and resistance, “pointing out that” during the process of pressuring the judges, there are those who have lasted 6 months, and it must be appreciated, and there are judges who submitted and decided to drop the charges and release the path. “

And when he saw that it is not permissible to submit to pressure, and that “any judge who would stand up to this battle was supposed to stand by him,” he pointed out that “we had no knowledge of a military court session and a ruling of this kind issued against Al-Fakhouri, and when he was issued I was one of the Those who heard the news on the media, “pointing out that” the Lebanese security authorities have confirmed their commitment to the travel ban in case Fakhoury is to leave Lebanon via Rafic Hariri International Airport. “

Nasrallah stressed that “the government was never the government of Hezbollah, nor the state is the state of Hezbollah, and in the internal political equation the parties of its influence are greater than us.” He asked: “Is it in the country’s interest that we do May 7 (the day that Hezbollah invaded Beirut in 2008 His armed elements stormed the homes of some deputies and burned the “Future” channel in Raouche) for Amer al-Fakhouri?

The Secretary-General of Hezbollah said: “America’s friends in Lebanon, who are silent about the illegal crossing from which the client escaped, are not allowed to speak about the illegal crossings.”

After the military investigating judge, Najat Abu Shaqra, issued, in the beginning of last February, a decision against Al-Fakhoury, accusing him of committing murders, attempting to kill prisoners in Khiam prison, and kidnapping and torturing others, whose punishment amounts to execution, and referred the file to the military court Lasting for his trial, the military court headed by Brigadier Hussein Abdullah issued a ruling last Monday that stopped the track-down of Fakhoury, who is accused of murder, and attempted to kill prisoners inside Khiam prison, and kidnap and torture others, during the Israeli occupation of southern Lebanon, before the withdrawal in 2000.

There was American pressure from the moment he was arrested in Lebanon, last September, until the verdict was issued, and the American embassy in Beirut transferred the Fakhri agent from the hospital to the embassy building, before securing a military helicopter for him to travel to the United States, despite a decision issued by the judge of matters Urgent expedition in Nabatieh, Ahmed Mezher, withholding travel for Al-Fakhoury for two months.

Lebanese Foreign Minister Nassif even summoned, before Friday noon, the American Ambassador to Lebanon Dorothy Shih, and listened to it on an explanation of the reasons and conditions for Al-Fakhouri’s release, while the head of the military court, Brigadier General Hussein Abdullah, announced that he would step down from the position on this background.


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