NASA announces the most important find on Mars – S A N A



NASA’s Curiosity probe has discovered interesting organic compounds on Mars, indicating that early life forms could be found on the Red Planet.

The probe, the size of a car, has been roaming around the crater of Mars for more than 7 years and has taken many pictures during the study period on the surface of the rocky planet. However, the discovery of some simple organic compounds may be the most important discovery so far.

And compounds called theophene are found on earth in coal and crude oil and also strangely within the white truffle as well as mushrooms and a new study assumed that their discovery on the surface of Mars corresponds to the existence of early life on this planet where the study indicates that the biological process that involves Likely bacteria may have played a role in the organic compound in the Martian soil.

Washington State scientists have found that ancient bacteria that might have existed more than 3 billion years ago, when Mars was warmer and wetter, could facilitate a chemical process that leads to the presence of theophene.

However, scientists cannot rule out the possibility that some other non-biological process may lead to the emergence of compounds on the surface of Mars and one possible explanation says it was transported there on a meteorite that landed on the planet and perhaps more evidence can be obtained when it touches the next spacecraft / Rosalind Franklin / Mars.

It is expected that the mobile science laboratory will be launched next July and will carry an organic molecule analyst called “MoMA”, as it will be able to collect larger particles in general.


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