Nancy Ajram reveals the details of her normal life with her daughters in stone


Lebanese actress Nancy Ajram revealed that she uses the method of complete health isolation as a preventive measure to prevent her and her family members from being infected with the new corona virus or COVID-19.

This came during a meeting held with her remotely during an episode of the “Mena Wajr” program presented by Lebanese journalist Pierre Rabat on the Lebanese MTV channel.

She is “petty”, meaning she loves to stay in her house most of the time, and she indicated that she follows the rules of home quarantine and does things she could not do before.

She added that she had been staying in her house for almost 14 days, while noting that she violated these rules in the city in order to buy some necessities from stores or pharmacies.

She added that she has now stopped leaving the house and that she sends one person to bring the items and then completely sterilizes them. She noted that she spends fun times with her daughters, adding that she usually cares about them, but the stone has made her closer to them and more understanding of their needs.

And she added that she is keen to divide time in order to avoid chaos, as she accompanies them with many activities such as dancing, music and play before she feels tired and knows that they can do what they want, provided that she lets her relax.

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