Nadine Njeim gets sloppy and obscene – video and document


As the earth stops the rotation of its people, due to domestic stone fears of the epidemic of the infection of the new Corona virus, the Lebanese star, Nadine Nassib Njeim has found a new outlet to direct her acting talents through Tik Tok, but her fans did not like the hobby of their artist and attacked her vehemently.

Nadine published hours ago a new video on Instagram, in which she and her close friend played a role play with the voices of Egyptian actors in a funny way.

The scene shows Najim slapping her friend as she threw a cigarette on the floor.

The video got a very large viewership, but a large percentage of its followers attacked it, and insulted it in blasphemous phrases, and asked them to stop the absurdity that it publishes recently.

What Nadine published is really absurd in relation to her sober presence and her prestige as a first-class actress, especially as she is not a comedian or a teenager in the 16 nor in the twenties and a mother of two children and presents herself as dignity.

How suddenly did she get off her continent to play like a teenager, with all her pictures shot?

How can the artist’s personality be combined, or whatever, between a mature, recuperative person and a cheap, reckless clown figure?

Nadine Nassib Njeim, published on the occasion of Mother’s Day, a group of pictures of Rebekah, and she is grateful for the feelings of motherhood that he gave her, and she wrote: With the life of every woman).

Nadine Naseeb Njeim

Suleiman Al-Jazaery – The Bell


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