Nadine Al-Rassi recalls her memories with Qusai Khouli with “Video


Beirut – Morocco today

I remembered the Lebanese artist Nadine Al-Rassi Funny video clip accompanied by the Syrian artist Qusai Kholi From the scenes of filming the series “Crime of Passion” through her account in Instagram, while they are on the roof of a building in an attempt to capture a selfie that brings them together with the crew of the series.

The video enjoyed wide interaction among the audience, and some of them spoiled Khouli and Al-Rassi’s duo in their seemingly close relationship with the video, and others questioned the reason the artist published the video after 4 years of working, and some mocked this, considering that Al-Rassi is trying to talk about her glories in the absence of She joined any new business recently.

The “Crime of Passion” series was shown during the 2016 Ramadan season, and included a large number of stars from the Arab world from Syria, Lebanon and Egypt, including Najla Badr, Jamila Awad, Firas Saeed and Joe Trad.

Followers of the series considered that it was a great disappointment to the public’s expectations, as the work did not achieve any significant success, and they described it as a mass failure.

The Syrian artist, Qusai Khouli, was absent from the joint drama after the great disappointment he suffered in his first work in Arabic drama, to return in the last Ramadan season 2019 and participate in the series Five and Text alongside the artist Nadine Najim, although the work was described as weak both in terms of story and plot Dramatic, but he achieved success through social networking sites.

Khouli is supposed to participate alongside Nadine Njeim in a second experiment in a series that will be named 2020, but filming has now stopped due to the Corona crisis that is taking place in the whole world.

For her part, Al-Rassi did not reveal any upcoming works that she would participate in, at a time when the artist had sparked widespread controversy in recent months because of her behavior, which was described as strange, as many of her fans demanded her to retire from the media media in order to preserve her history because of her appearance in more than one video she published with a status Strange and fishy is not appropriate for her fans.

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