Nabil Shuaail releases his new album, The Great Art


Introduced by the Kuwaiti artistNabil ShouailHis new album, “YouTube”, which included 5 songs, which are “Jazly”, written by Ahmed Al-Sane ‘, composed by Adham, and distributed by Muhannad Khadr, the song “Hoba” from the words of Fawzan Al-Nasser, composed by Fawaz Al-Marzouq, and distributed by Zaid Nadim, the song “Kabeer Al-Fan” The words of Omar Al-Kandari, composed by Abdullah Jassem, distributed by Zaid Nadim, the song “Akher Hobna” from the words of Khaled Al-Ghamdi, composed by Ahmed Al-Harmi, distributed by Zaid Nadim, and the song “Nadman” from the words of Qusai Issa, composed by Ali Saber, and distributed by Othman Aboud.
On the other hand, Shuail’s message was to the public to raise awareness to confront the Coronavirus, which is spreading in the world, especially Kuwait, and published on his page on a social networking site a video clip in which he said: “I want to say a lot of talk about what has happened in our world these days. I will speak to you as a simple Kuwaiti citizen, who has great love and respect for Kuwaitis and expatriates. “
He added, “The State of Kuwait has taken several important measures to confront the Corona virus, providing everything to meet the needs of the entire population after the emergency measures it announced to limit the spread of the virus.
He concluded by saying: “Be committed to staying in your homes and keep your children and your families safe, so that you do not get this malignant epidemic.”


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