Myriam Fares house crash in the storm! – Pictures


The low-lying dragon invaded Lebanon, and left massive damage, yesterday night, due to the sandstorm, while the air speed exceeded eighty kilometers per hour, causing material damage to homes, farms, streets and cars in various regions, and strong winds led to the fall of the statue of the founding president of the Kataeb Party The Lebanese Pierre Gemayel in Bikfaya Square.

Damage to the storm reached the home of the Lebanese actress Myriam Fares, parts of which were damaged and destroyed, and Fares published the photos through the media media saying: (Some damages to our house were caused by the storm, God protects everyone and protects Lebanon, while we live differently).

In a statement today, the High Relief Commission asked all municipalities in which property damage occurred as a result of the storm that struck Lebanon yesterday evening, to submit a detailed report on the losses within 72 hours of its date, to limit the damage.

Myriam Fares
Myriam Fares


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