My weight is for Diab: … I just don’t want to walk on it …


The cabinet witnessed at its meeting yesterday for the first time since the formation of the government a political ram focused on the draft «Capital Control», which was scheduled in the previous session that the ministers submit their written comments on it in preparation for approval at tomorrow’s session.

The Republic learned that Prime Minister Hassan Diab had given the Minister of Finance Ghazi a weight to start reading and discussing the project. The latter stood up and announced his withdrawal from the agenda, stressing that he no longer wanted to go through it. The Prime Minister asked him: Why? He replied: “There are many notes on it, and I do not want to walk on it.”

The Minister of Agriculture, Abbas Mortada, intervened, saying: “According to Article 174 of the Monetary and Credit Law, this matter is within the powers of the Governor of the Banque du Liban. Justice Minister Marie Claude Negm replied: “There are positive things in it and negative things. It is true that the law is not one of our powers, but we can pass it.”

And the Minister of Economy, Raoul Neama, supported the Minister of Justice as a defender of the law, and then Diab asked the Secretary-General of the Council of Ministers Mahmoud Makiya to complete his recitation. Then the Minister of Industry, Imad Hoballah, interfered, asking: «Why do you continue to discuss it as long as the owner of the file withdraws it, especially as it is against the law and we do not want To provide a service to bankers against depositors. ”

Here Diab went to the Minister of Finance, saying: If we withdraw this project and bring us the initial version that I submitted, will you accept it? And he turned his weight down, saying, “This is no longer my main project that we submitted, because you made many changes to it.” Here, the prime minister was angry and adjourned.

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