Mughniyeh falls from the top of the stage


Anastasia Vishnevskaya, 30, a Russian singer, got embarrassed after falling from the stage, while singing at a concert in Krasnoyarsk, Siberia. It is shown by a video clip circulated on social media platforms, it is falling from about 10 feet, while some members of the orchestra team rushed to it. The singer then underwent urgent surgery after her foot was broken, in addition to suffering from the pain of the bruises caused by the fall. Despite the embarrassment and pain that the singer suffered, who will stop singing for more than two months, many of the singers raised doubts about her direct singing during the ceremony attended by 1375 people, and indicated that her continued singing despite her fall was not the usual thing. However, Vishnevskaya confirmed that her vocals were direct, and that she continued to perform even after her fall in appreciation of the crowd crowded with the theater.


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