Most notably, Hassan Shakoush, singers take part in Ramadan 2020 drama


A large number of singers take part in the upcoming Ramadan drama, with different roles, including those who are present for the first time, and others who are accustomed to seeing them in the Ramadan drama season every year. It is made for you “Artistic DawnIn the following lines, the most famous singers participating in the upcoming Ramadan drama.

Haifa Wehbe

Lebanese singer Haifa Wehbe is running the next Ramadan race with the championship of the series “Black Luminous” with a large number of stars of the artistic community, most notably Sharif Salama and Rogina. The series is written by Amin Jamal and directed by Karim El Adl, and Ahmed Fahmy, Mutasem Al-Nahar, Sabri Fawaz and Omar will participate in the championship. Al-Saeed, Faras Saeed, Rania Mansour, Husam Al-Jundi, Hanan Suleiman, Nancy Salah, Nasser Saif and Nabil Nour Al-Din. Work events take place in a social context that is not without suspense.

Mai Selim

The artist Mai Selim participates in two series, scheduled to be shown during the upcoming Ramadan drama season, the series “Khair Harir” with Mai Ezz El Din, produced by “Synergy” Company, written by Mohamed Suleiman Abdel Malik, directed by Ibrahim Fakhr, and the second series “Breakthrough 2” starring Talal Sidr, Ahmed Eid, and embodied in his events, “YouTuber”, presenting live programs.


“Diab” participates in the series “Second Chance” as a dealer of “beaten cars”, and uses that trade to clear and sell cars, spare parts and illegal papers in his trade, and the work is produced by the company “Synergy”, and written by Mustafa Gamal Hashem, and the dramatic treatment of Mohamed Sayed Bashir, directed by Mark just.

He also joined the series “Second Chance” starring Yasmine Sabry, Diab, Ayten Amer, Heba Magdy, Ahmed Magdy, Edward, Mahmoud El-Bazawy, Heba Abdel-Ghany, Sarah El-Shamy, Ahmed El-Shamy, Nihal Anbar, Omar El-Shennawy, Mohamed Gomaa, Tamim Abdou and many others. From the artists, and the action takes place in a social and romantic context, Yasmine is locked in the second absolute starring in the TV drama after the series “My Story” that was shown in the last Ramadan race.

Ahmed Fahmy

The singer Ahmed Fahmy will participate in two masses during the upcoming Ramadan drama season, the first is “Black Luminous” starring the Lebanese star Haifa Wehbe, and the second appears in his events as a guest of honor in the series “Sugar Ziada”, with the two great stars Nadia Al Jundi and Nabila Obaid.

Hassan Shakoush

As for festivals singer Hassan Shakoush, he participates in the series “Wasl Amana” with the two stars Ali Rabie and Mustafa Khater, where this experience is his first act, after his great success through several songs, including “Bint Al Jeeran” and “Oud Al Batal”, and the series by Farouk Hashem and Mustafa Omar, directed by Moataz Al Tuni and produced by “Synergy” Company, where he appears in the work as an honorary guest with a number of scenes.

Muhammad Rashad

Singer Mohammed Rashad joined the family of the series “Layalina”, through which he embarked on his first acting experiences, and the series was written by Ahmed Abdel-Fattah and directed by Ahmed Saleh and produced by “Synergy” Company and scheduled for display next Ramadan, and its events revolve within a social framework during the eighties and work starring Sabreen, Ghada Adel, Iyad Nassar, Khaled Al-Sawi, Muhammad Al-Shaqangiri, Noha Abdin, Mido Adel, Mohamed Ali Rizk, Hajar Al-Sharnoubi, Nourhan, Menna Arafa, Hisham Al-Shazly, Rana Rais and a number of other young artists.

Abdul Basit Hammouda

As for the singer Abdel Basset Hamouda, he appears as an honorary guest with his true personality in the series “Sukkar Ziyada”, which stars two major stars Nadia Al-Jundi and Nabila Obeid. It is scheduled to be shown in the upcoming Ramadan drama.

Ahmed Al-Shami

The singer Ahmed Al-Shami, a member of the Wama team, continues to shoot the events of his role in the series “Second Chance”, starring Yasmine Sabry, who is involved in the upcoming Ramadan race, where filming began in one of the decorations of the series in the assembly, which is produced by the company “Synergy”, and the series is written by Mustafa Gamal Hashem, a drama treat by Mohamed Sayed Bashir, directed by Mark Adel, and co-starring with Ahmed Magdy, Mohamed Diab, Heba Magdy, Ayten Amer.

Muhammad Kilani

The artist Mohamed Kilani appears as a guest of honor during the events of the series “The End” starring Youssef El Sharif, which is scheduled to be presented in the upcoming Ramadan race, as it embodies an important and pivotal role in the series, and the heroes of the work continue filming currently, and the series written by Amr Samir Atef, and produced by “Synergy” And directed by Yasser Sami, and Amr Abdel-Galil, Nahed El Sebaei and others participate in the championship.

In addition to the series “The Children of Imbaba”, a large number of singers, including Saeed Al-Sagheer, Nader Abu Al-Lev, Hani Al-Asmar, Riku, and the stars of festival groups Oka and Ortega, and the series, written by Ayman Bakry, directed by Mamdouh Zaki, and belongs to the nature of comic works, will participate in the championship. .

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