Most Corona patients can recover at home without the need for medical interventions


Dr. Elie Barbary, director of the Department of Infectious Diseases at the Mayo Clinic, ruled out a relationship between the spread of the Covid 19 virus and rumors that it could be manufactured and exited from the laboratories and said:

What we know well is that the Covid 19 virus is caused by a new coronavirus, which is a different virus from other coronaviruses that we previously knew, including SARS, the MERS virus and other coronaviruses that cause colds. It is not known exactly how this virus appeared, but it is believed that it came from animals, perhaps from bats, and then transmitted to humans, and this is what we call it “animal infection”, which is an infection that comes from animals and transmits to humans, and as soon as it is transmitted from humans, the infection becomes from One person to another is the fastest and most prominent way to transmit the virus.

Dr. Elie Barbary said in a telephone interview with “The Statement” that the worst scenario for the spread of the new Corona virus “Covid-19” has actually occurred after it turned into a global pandemic and the transmission of infection among members of society on a large scale in several countries and affected dense areas such as large cities Hospitals with the disease and the transmission of infection between patients or between patients and service providers, pointing out that the most realistic scenario at the present time, especially after China’s success in eliminating the disease and preventing its transmission, focuses on the success of the exceptional measures taken at the global level to protect public health and slow down the pace Prevalence and decline in new infections.

We are aware that the majority of patients who have been diagnosed with the Corona virus known scientifically as “Covid 19” do not necessarily suffer from a serious or critical condition and do not need hospitalization, and most of these patients may recover at home. Without the need for any medical interventions or even referral to the hospital, about 10 or 15% of patients may have a more serious infection and many of them may need hospitalization, but some patients in the hospital may develop acute respiratory syndrome that requires the use of the respiratory system and the stay in the hospital.

On the main differences between the “Covid 19” virus and other coronaviruses such as the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome, SARS, bird flu and swine flu, can other viruses of this category appear in the future? Dr. Elie Barbary stressed that coronaviruses were known before, and the most common are the common cold, but there are other types that have been identified, such as the Mers virus, the Middle East Respiratory Syndrome and the SARS virus. All these diseases are caused by coronaviruses or “corona”. There are new studies currently underway to understand how they happen, but the prevailing belief is that they are transmitted by animals, and this virus differs from other influenza viruses completely, but the common among them is the method of transmission in general, where they often occur through flying cough drops or direct contact.

In response to a question about the expected time of finding an effective drug or a special vaccine for the virus? Will treatment of clinical symptoms in patients be an effective option in the long run? He pointed out that efforts are continuing by many organizations and governments to find a vaccine and develop antivirals, but developing the vaccine needs at least a year or two, but for the time being, the most effective way to prevent the COFED-19 virus is by taking public health measures and steps Precaution and setting policies aimed at limiting the transmission of infection by contacting or dropping cough or sneeze drops, and in the meantime, patients with corona are treated with auxiliary medical procedures, and we already have some experimental drugs that are used in a very standardized manner and when absolutely necessary only . Drugs and vaccines are being tested.

With regard to the feasibility of health measures currently applied in the world to reduce the transmission of infection, or does the matter require more stringent and effective measures until the end of the epidemic crisis? “We have begun to realize and see the effective and limited results of public health protection measures. In some countries, especially in Europe, these measures are implemented harsh on a larger scale and in some cases have achieved some effects, and the United States is now working on Extensive restrictions on aviation and travel apply to some high-risk countries or regions. At-risk patients should be careful to limit travel abroad, especially to high-risk destinations.

And on the next step for future treatments? Dr. Barbari stressed that the future treatment of the virus will depend on strict public health measures and most importantly, the development of vaccines and anti-virus treatments, which are any vaccines and antivirals currently in the development stage, and there are a number of antivirals that are being tried either clinically or through controlled use that is limited Only in necessary cases.



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