Mortada Mansour: The Zamalek player, who looks similar to me, fined Al-Ahly 42 million pounds, and the four-team team will not leave


Mortada Mansour, Chairman of the Board revealed Zamalek, About the player who looks a lot like him, in his youth.

“I love Mohamed Antar (Zamalek playmaker) reminiscent of the days of my youth, at the age of 22 years,” Mansour said during comments to “Zamalek Channel”.

He added: “Deal Antar It caused the price of Salah Mohsen (loaned to Smouha) to be transferred to Al-Ahly by 42 million pounds.

He continued: “Al-Ahly at the time of the Antar deal, accused us of wasting money, because we buried 15 million, but it succeeded that all of Egypt (laughs) over Al-Ahly in the Salah Mohsen deal.”

He continued: “Enppi offered us Salah Mohsen for 12 million pounds, but I submitted a proposal worth 42 million, and (drinking Al-Ahly).

He continued: “Alaa Khashab, President of Enppi, thanked me that the Salah Mohsen deal reached 42 million pounds.”

And Abizaid: “Mohamed Antar has many offers, he is a respectable and polite player, he was the highest player bought at that time, he did not provide a quarter of his possibilities, he is committed, trained well and will not leave.”

He explained: “Everything that is published on Antar, Kasongo, Mustafa Mohamed and Mahmoud Alaa is incorrect, and they are continuing in Zamalek.”

On the other hand, Murtada spoke about the state’s decisions to impose curfews, saying: “I am very happy with the decisions of the Egyptian government, and with this the state has played its required role, and I am the first to ask to impose curfews on citizens.”


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