Mohammed bin Rashid: The ruler of Dubai campaigned “intimidation and threats” against his ex-wife, Princess Haya


The Jordanian princess escaped to Britain a year ago with her two children

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The Jordanian princess escaped to Britain a year ago with her two children

Abduction, Forced Return, Torture and Intimidation Campaign. We may have heard about these allegations against the ruler of Dubai, Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid Al Maktoum, by his ex-wife, Princess Haya Bint Al Hussein, but a series of rulings issued by the Supreme Court in Britain today confirmed the validity of these allegations.

After eight months had passed since this prominent case, the court publicly announced its ruling in favor of Princess Haya, who had fled from Dubai last year, with her two children, and had told her friends that she was afraid for her life.

The Dubai ruler tried to keep the ruling out of the public, but to no avail, as the court rejected his appeal, and a ruling was issued announcing the court’s findings for the public good. The court found that the ruler of Dubai “was not honest with the court.”

After hearing detailed statements from witnesses in the case, the court concluded that Sheikh Muhammad was responsible for the kidnapping of two of his daughters – from a previous marriage – and forcibly returning them to the country.

1) In 2000, Sheikha Shamsa escaped from a residence owned by the ruling family in the “Surrey” district in Britain, but was later arrested in Cambridge Sher at the hands of people working for the ruler of Dubai. A request from Cambridge Sher Police to visit Dubai and investigate her kidnapping case was rejected.

2) Sheikha Latifa tried to escape from her father’s family twice, in 2002 and 2018, but her efforts were unsuccessful. The first time she was imprisoned by her father in Dubai for more than three years, while on the second attempt she was forcibly returned to Dubai while sailing off the Indian coast, and is still under house arrest. The judge found that her allegations of serious physical abuse amounted to torture.

The judge concluded that Sheikh Mohammed bin Rashid “is constantly working to deprive these two young women of their freedom.”

The Jordanian princess, Haya, is 45 years old. She is the daughter of the late King Hussein, a former Olympic jockey. She married Sheikh Mohammed, the seventy-year-old Dubai, in 2004, becoming the sixth and youngest of his wives.

The couple have two children, ages 7 and 11.

Princess Haya initially believed her husband’s explanations of what happened to his two daughters and that he “saved them” and became safe with the family.

But at the beginning of 2019, Princess Haya’s doubts began to express her concern and an emotional relationship with her British bodyguard began.

Then, a campaign of intimidation began by people of Sheikh Muhammad, as it was said in court that a pistol was placed twice on its pillow, and a helicopter landed outside her home, and received threats to transfer to a prison in a remote desert area.

The judge decided that “the father has accordingly acted since the end of 2018 in a manner intended to intimidate and intimidate the mother, and that he has encouraged others to do so on his behalf.”

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Queen Elizabeth with the ruler of Dubai

In April 2019, Princess Haya fled to Britain, taking her two children with her. The court heard how the hidden threats by Sheikh Muhammad, Princess Haya, were horrified and feared for her safety, and feared that her two children could be kidnapped and forcibly returned to Dubai.

In May 2019, she said that the ruler of Dubai told her: “Neither you nor the two children will be safe in England,” and published a poem entitled “I lived and died.”

The court heard how the sheikh used his extensive relationships with the media to publish a series of negative articles against Princess Haya, many of which were “completely inaccurate”.

It is clear that these provisions constitute a great personal embarrassment for Sheikh Mohammed Al Maktoum, so it was not surprising that his legal team did its best to prevent the ruling from being published in public.


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