Mohamed Anwar to his fans: I sang the festival of Qadam Hani Shaker and Mantnatch


The star of Egypt Theater, Mohamed Anwar, shared his fans with a new video that he sings, through his official account on the famous photo and video exchange site “Instagram”.

“Anwar” commented on the video: “I sang a popular festival before Professor Hani Shaker, and I can’t wait. Thank God.”

“Mohamed” appeared in the video, while he was accompanied by a number of artists, including them

Artist Hany Shaker, as he sang a clip from the festival “My Heart Bahr Maleh”, for the missile team who were included in the decision to stop singing.

Watch the video here..

It is noteworthy that the Syndicate of Musical Professions decided to establish a “Division for Popular Performance”, not the so-called festivals, to take place

Its members have an “annual license” to sing, after its approval from the union’s listening committee, with the obligation of the member of the division to observe the regulatory standards and procedural steps regarding the regulatory permits for the general performance of the songs, taking into account that failure to adhere to union or regulatory rules during the permit period is given The union has the right to cancel the license and not to grant it again, based on the signed declaration thereof, and also in accordance with the law.


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