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The Syrian artist confirmed Motasem Al-Nahar That his wife “Lynn” has good qualities, explaining that the traits that attract him in the female are present in his wife, adding: “These characteristics make me turn a blind eye to deficiencies, because there is no perfect human being, and I say if we are present, it is good because what I want comes to me and who benefits me and satisfies me.” Then”.

Mu’tasem al-Nahar revealed the defect that he sees in his wife, saying that she deals with people over her intentions, stating: “It is a heck of her intentions, and it is about her education, her community, her friends, her companions and her family, and sometimes she is socially cautious about my relationships with certain people and certain places.”

Mu’tasem Al-Nahar said, in TV statements on the Dubai Cruise program presented by actress Mayssa Maghrabi about his daughter, Sandra, that his message to his daughter on her wedding day is always thought about a lot, noting: “This day I think about when she is in her private life and I think my message is for her. I have nothing to fear and say to her groom, be careful about her is the most valuable thing I have. “And about his confrontation with bullying and social media campaigns, he said: It was confusing and surprised by the harm of people, adding that his dealings with bullying against him were matured and he dealt with him, as he was targeted in places Superficial, and he added that when he posted a picture he saw him good and saw himself in it.

Mu’tasem Al-Nahar added that he does not see himself as handsome, as he looks in the mirror and says to himself: “Always by looking at the mirror and with the words of Shu Shayfin, and I am a believer, and in the morning I live between me and me for 10 minutes and I look at the mirror and say thank God,” and about his participation with the Lebanese artist Haifa Wehbe In her new Ramadan series “Light Black”, he said: “I participate with her in the role of a guest and I do not see that it is in an important role or a more important role, or that I am a champion from the flogging to the wrong skin, in which the majority is located. I feel that the actor if they estimate that he plays and plays certain roles in places All right.

Mu’tasem Al-Nahar was revealing the details of his personality in the light black series, as he said: “My personality in light black is not great and he appeared as a guest for the 16th episode of the series.” An-Nahar confirmed that he will be starring in the series “From the Other”, which will be shown during Ramadan 2020, and he is from The production of the Al-Sabah Brothers Company, while Iyad Abu Al-Shamat wrote the writing, while the direction is for Charles Shalala, as he will play the starring role alongside each of the two actresses Rita Harb, Centia Samuel, and a constellation of veteran actors.
The series “Black Luminous”, to be shown during the Ramadan 2020 season, takes place in a social framework that discusses modern issues, and is directed by Karim El Adl, written by Amin Jamal and Sharif Yusri, starring Haifa Wehbe, Ahmed Fahmy, Mu’tasem Al-Nahar, Nabeel Nur ad-Din, and Sharif Salama , And Sabri Fawaz.

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