Minister of Health: It is possible to declare a civil emergency


Health Minister Hamad Hassan announced that it is possible to declare a civil or health emergency, and citizens should expect today to announce an increase in Corona cases 20 cases in Lebanon.

He said: “I call for the easing of theorizing on the Ministry of Health and the National Committee to confront Corona, and talking about the fact that the Ministry of Health is hiding the actual number of cases is defective, rejected and incorrect, and the rumor marketer must be held accountable.” He added: The procedures at Beirut Airport are parallel to those of Charles de Gaulle Airport and all developed airports in the world.

In the daily report of Covid-19, the Ministry of Public Health announced that “as of March 13, 2020 at noon, a total of 77 confirmed laboratory cases, including those diagnosed in the Rafic Hariri Governmental University Hospital and those reported by other university hospitals.”

The Ministry indicated that “a case of its employees in the central administration was diagnosed and had received the infection from one of its diagnosed relatives,” stressing that it “follows the necessary procedures to isolate it, identify contacts outside and within the ministry, collect samples and place those in the quarantine at home.”

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