Microsoft introduces a security update to address a security vulnerability in “Windows”


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Microsoft introduces a security update to address a security vulnerability in “Windows”, today, Saturday 14 March 2020 05:10 AM

05:00 AM Saturday 14 March 2020

Books – Asim Al-Ansari:

Microsoft introduced a new US security update, to address a security vulnerability in the “Windows” system.

And revealed the details of the security vulnerability last Tuesday in the framework of security updates launched by “Microsoft”, known as “Patch Tuesday”. The vulnerability is found in the latest version of the SMB (Server Message Block), which allows Windows to communicate with devices, such as printers, file servers, on the local network, or over the Internet.

And according to what the Arab Portal for Technical News mentioned, “Microsoft” stated that exploiting the vulnerability would have allowed the attacker to run suspicious codes from a distance on any infected device.

“About 48,000 infected servers connected to the Internet are still vulnerable to exploitation,” said Jamie Hankins, head of security and threat analysis research at security firm Cryptos Logic.

Two days after the launch of “Patch Tuesday”, Microsoft released another urgent update to fix the vulnerabilities in Windows 10 and servers (Windows Server 2019) with versions 1903 and 1909, noting that previous versions of Windows.

It is worth noting that the vulnerability is available through the usual update mechanisms, including Windows Update.


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