Michael Artita communicates with Arsenal players for the first time after contracting HIV


Arsenal midfielder Lucas Torreira said his coach, “Mikel Artita”, was improving after he was infected with the Coruna virus, admitting that the Spaniard had started communicating with the jersey players for the first time.

The diagnosis of the Spanish coach was a major factor in the suspension of English football, when the matches of the thirtieth round of the Premier League were supposed to be played, before the FA retracted two days before the matches were played, and decided to stop the activity until the end of March.

According to the Uruguayan star’s account, Artita is now improving, after the Arsenal field average described the shock of his coach, both to him and to his team mates.

“The fact is, we did not expect this virus to reach the club, or the dressing room, Michael Artita is better now, and he was able to communicate with us … and he is improving,” Torreira told the Mirror newspaper.

Arsenal coach Michael Artita
Arsenal manager Michael Artita (GETTY)

Torreira stressed that he communicated with his coach, and reassured his health, pointing at the same time to the need for sanitary isolation, in order to overcome the crisis that the world is currently experiencing.


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