Messi message to the world after the outbreak of the Corona virus


A few weeks ago, a new disease was launched in a Chinese city Covid 19 or the Corona virus emerging, And this disease began to spread and move from one country to another and infected at least 140 thousand people and killed more than 5 thousand.

Many sports federations have had to cancel local and continental competitions to limit the spread of the disease, including a suspension English Premier League AndLa Liga Portuguese, Italian, French, etc., in addition to my heroism Champions League The European League.

Not only that, but various governments have advised their people to stay at home and not go out except in emergency situations to avoid catching an infection.

With the disease spreading and threatening humankind, many football stars around the world have sent messages of support to patients and advised that their homes be tied and not left, including the Argentine Lionel MessiBarcelona player, who posted on social media a message saying: “Difficult days pass through the whole world. We are concerned about what is happening and we want to help put ourselves in the place of those who suffer from what is happening, whether this disease directly affected them Or to their families and friends, or because they are working in the first row to combat it in hospitals and medical centers, to these people, I want to send them letters of support to all of them and I hope they will be strong. ”

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He continued: “Health must come first and permanent, it is an exceptional moment and we must follow the instructions and instructions of both health organizations and public authorities, only in this way can we effectively fight the virus.”He added, “It is time to take responsibility and stay at home, moreover, it is an ideal moment that you cannot always have to enjoy with your loved ones.”

Messi ended his message and wrote: “Greetings to all and I hope that we can turn the balance of the situation we are living in as soon as possible.”


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