Menna Arafa has the boldest appearance of her .. And the public: “Oh, I did not like you!”


Social media circulated a picture of the Egyptian actress Menna Arafa wearing a swimsuit with a cigarette in her hand from last summer.

Although the image is not new, but she managed to make a big noise due to the appearance of the Egyptian artist in the swimsuit, which provoked the audience, in addition to the cigar that was in the hand of Menna, which was considered inappropriate movement especially that they are always mentioned as the cute little girl who participated Hamada Hilal starring one of His films were in their infancy, and she sang the song “The Mouse”, which is still remembered and sung by many.

For a long time, Menna Arafa has occupied a good space in the media because of recent rumors that there is an emotional relationship with the doctor and the Youtuber, “Ali Al-Azlan”, due to the proliferation of images of them both together and the duo’s sharing of these photos through their accounts in the social media, but she replied with “We did not talk On the subject now, when there is something we will announce. ”

It is noteworthy that Mena participates in the series “Layalina” starring “Ghada Adel, Khaled Al-Sawy” and a group of stars. She also participates in a movie starring “Khaled Al-Sawy” and confirmed that she will look again at her fans.

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