Megan grabs the attention in her first appearance after the royal separation .. The “turquoise” is worthy of it!


Megan Markle caught the spotlight in her first public appearance alongside Prince Harry in Britain after the royal secession last January.

Cameras photographed the Duke and Duchess of Sussex as they arrived at the annual Andover Foundation Awards in Madison House in the capital, London, as part of one of their last assignments as royal individuals.The biggest focus was on Megan, who had not been in Britain for a while, and many people, behind the torrential rains, stood behind the barriers to look at the couple.

The duchess appeared in full elegance in a turquoise dress, while the duke wore a dark blue suit, white shirt, and a blue tie.

The ceremony honors the winners of the Invictis competitions, for veterans and injured NATO soldiers, who performed impressive sporting challenges during 2019.

It is expected that the couple will stop performing their royal duties, at the end of the month of March, in exchange for their “progressive new role”, concentrated mainly in North America, and through which they aim to finance themselves financially.


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